30 Minutes To Better Pinning

A few months ago, I took an Alt Summit class called Pinterest 101. The class was led by baby moccasin making extraordinaire, Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked. And guys, that girl knows her stuff. Want to know one of her secrets to pinning success? Of course you do.
Sounds simple, right? Not always. Sure, linking to the original blog post or product page is easy when you're the one adding the pin, but do you always click on pins to make sure they lead back to the original source before repinning them? Neither do I.

Here are three tips from Susan on how to make sure your pins lead others to the original source:

- Use TinEye: It's a reverse image search engine. Just give it an image and it will tell you where that image has appeared on the web.
- Comment: You don't have to go back through and delete all of your old pins that are misleading. Once you've found the original source, you can simply add the original source in the pin's comment section.
- Beware of Tumblr: Admit it, as pretty as those Tumblr pins are, they rarely lead back to the original source. So do yourself and your followers a favor and click it before you pin it.

Want more tips? You're in luck. Alt started a blog (cue the choirs), and they're busting out amazing posts right and left. My favorite of their posts so far has been this one on how to share yourself with your online community. I also love this mini series about what freelancing can do for you (it's packed with great information, guys!).

Do you have a favorite? Or have you taken any of Alt's online classes? I'd love to know which ones and what you thought of them!


  1. Love this post! I think this is so important, even though it is really tough! I hate those Tumblr pins! I recently tried to go back and find a lot of sources and it was really tricky, but worth it! It's definitely a work in progress :)

  2. I've been trying to really make myself do this recently! There are SO many pins that I click on that lead nowhere - so frustrating! I'll eventually get around to going through all my boards and weeding out the 'bad' pins. Tineye is amazing! You can also drag and drop an image into Google image search and it finds the source for you - its great when Tineye doesn't have it listed!

  3. I always try to make sure the pin goes back to the source. It's really frustrating when I want to find a recipe or a crochet pattern or whatever, and the pin goes back to the entire blog or something I need to have an invite for or whatever. Good tip!

  4. You can also edit each pin and add the correct link! Then anyone who is too lazy to read your comments can still find the original page. :) Thanks for sharing!


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