Seeing Double

My personal style is much like that mentioned yesterday in regards to the style I'm looking to incorporate into our future home: keep the staples neutral and add interest with the accessories. I've been trying to branch out lately, however; adding color to my otherwise entirely blue jean pants selection, and forcing a few more patterns into the rest of my closet.

And just as with my home planning, I have found Pinterest to be the biggest source of inspiration as I've tried to spice up my wardrobe. Here are a few fun and simple trends I'm loving right now, and a few valuable tips for each!

Trend No. 1: Color on Color
It's hard not to look like a bit boring when wearing an outfit of all one color, but when done right, it's the farthest thing from it! The trick? Add a pattern to break up the colors and create a bit of visual interest. Pair it with accessories in complimentary colors or colors from the patterned piece you chose.

Trend No. 2: Denim on Denim
This might be my favorite one. Maybe because it seems like the least scary of the three. Or perhaps I just like the sheer simplicity of it all. Because it's all about staples. We all have a pair of denim jeans or shorts. And just about everyone has at least one chambray top in their closet these days. Pair it with timeless, neutral pieces like a leather bag and cream flats and you're done.

Trend No. 3: Pattern on Pattern
Coincidentally, this is the trend that scares me the most, and yet it's the one I want to master the most. But alas, I've still to try it and am not even close to mustering the courage to do so. My Pinterest closet is filling up with ensambles like the one below, though. Quick tip for pairing stripes with stripes: go both ways! Mix a top of horizontal stripes with vertical stripes for the bottom. And don't back down with the accessories. Keep them bright and fun!

So let's hear it: Which trend is your favorite? Done any fun experimenting lately? 

P.S. Speaking of trends, did you catch the last My Daily Uniform post? Now there's a girl who has mastered the whole pattern on pattern thing. She's the queen of stripes and florals.

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Trend No. 1: Top / Shorts / Sandals / Inspiration
Trend No. 2: Top / Shorts / Flats / BagInspiration
Trend No. 3: Top / Shorts / Belt / Bracelet / Inspiration

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