The Makings Of – Our Future Home

With Jordan's graduation drawing near, I can't stop daydreaming about our future home. Filling Pinterest boards, Ikea shopping carts that never make it to the check-out, and imaginary floor plans with beautiful furniture and accessories. I instinctively start thinking about how a product can be made into a DIY project or how a certain piece will fit with the rest of our imaginary furniture.

As I was looking through my pins, I seem to be favoring neutrals like black + greys, wood and gold, paired with pops of color like aqua. The idea of decorating an entire house kinds scares me a bit, but I've come up with a game plan: keep basic, staple pieces like couches and bedding neutral and adding interest with throw pillows and knick-knacks. Cobalt blue couches and pink ombre dressers can be a little tempting, though.


  1. We have a folder on our computer with ideas for our future home. I would say the two influences are "simple" and "organized." I feel like we've been in the student stage for so long, that we deserve a house! Ha. But really, we cannot wait to landscape and paint and decorate and make and find really cool pieces.

    You board is spot on for me. The #4 chair is so perfect and I am obsessed with the #5 vase. Needless to say, both of these photos were saved in our "someday house" folder.


  2. YES! That's exactly how we feel. I can't wait until January when we can move to a permanent place, get a house all to ourselves, one we can customize and really make our own! Oh, painting and landscaping... So excited for that.

    Aren't both those perfect! That vase... Oh man I wish I could make one!


You are wonderful.