The Makings Of – The Perfect Father's Day

This Father's Day will be Jordan's first and I'm so excited to celebrate with him. Adding the new identities of father and mother to the mix has changed us both in so many ways, including how we approach our roles of husband and wife. As the holiday quickly approaches, I feel like it will be a day to celebrate not only the love and kindness he shows our little girl and all that he has done these past ten months as her father, but also the love that he has shown me as my husband.

Here are a few goodies that I'm thinking would be the perfect mix of both.

01. A wonderful memory stored safely in a beautiful frame.
02. Something from his childhood.
03. A bow-tie.
04. A quirky and practical item for the office.
05. Something sweet.
06. An iPhone. The perfect gift for any occasion, really.

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