Look For Less – Classic Summer

I'm 87% certain that this outfit would be the perfect outfit for summer. Such a laid-back and classic look, easy for summer days, with just the right amount of warmth for summer nights. Plus, this wonderful marriage of relaxed and classy makes it an extremely versatile outfit, too. I'd wear it to the park with Aubryn, out to dinner with Jordan, even to a nice ladies get–together. Add in that these pieces are great staples that can be mixed and matched with just about anything in your closet and you really have no reason not to buy all of them.

01. Striped Fedora / 02. Schoolboy Blazer / 03. Striped Tank / 04. Denim Shorts / 05. Cuffed Sandals

As the items shown in the picture go out of stock, I update each link with a similar item. Some of the items may be a little different, but I've tried to get them as close to the original piece as possible!

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