Tips For Mixing Patterns

I'm a bit of a pattern mixing newbie. Aubryn's a pro because her wardrobe lends itself to the trend, but mine? The patterns are a bit scarce.

I bought this cardigan a few days ago and loved it balanced out this otherwise bright outfit and the faint hint of a patterned with the cutouts in the fabric. It's nothing too bold, but it's a start!

Here are three tips to help you ease into the trend, for those of you who aren't too sure.

1. Pair it with another trend.
Bright skinny jeans, for example, will balance out the look as well as making it look more stylish and planned.

2. Make one (or both!) of the patterns neutral.
Start with a mellow pattern and pair it with a bold one. If both are screaming for the attention, the look becomes distracting.

3. Start small.
Try accessorizing using patterns. Patterns on shoes, handbags, and belts are less noticeable than polka dot pants and a striped shirt. You can also try stitched patterns or patterns created using cutouts, like the cardigan above. It's so subtle that people might not even notice you're dabbling in the trend.

Are you a pattern mixing newbie? I hope these tips help! And if you're a pro, what are your favorite patterns to mix? Any tips of your own to share?

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