My Mother's Day

Sunday marked my first Mother's Day as an official mom. I remember aching for this little one to hurry up and get here a year ago, and now there are days when I can't believe she's actually mine.

These past nine months of motherhood have left me humbled and full of gratitude. Gratitude for a loving husband who supports and loves me, and without whom, I wouldn't be a mother. Gratitude for our own mothers, who devoted years and sacrificed countless opportunities to be our mothers. To care for, lift and love us. And for the many wonderful grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, neighbors... "moms" who have been there for me throughout the years.

I am humbled to be counted among the ranks of mothers. The wonderful women who lift and strengthen and give to others. I never knew that a person could love so fully and so quickly, and sleep so little, until I met my daughter. I am so thankful to have the privilege to care for and love her every day and am so thankful she's mine.

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