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When I was young, I lived in the pool. We had one in our backyard, and if my mom hadn't set time limits on my swim sessions, I would have been out there from the time the sun was up until it was time to go to bed. And I might have been left with permanently pruned fingers. Thank goodness for a mother's wisdom, right?

We took Aubryn to the pool for the first time a while back and to our surprise, she hated it! The girl lives for bath time, and yet a giant bath filled with water and chlorine left her in tears.

We're determined to make her a water baby and plan on spending at least a third of our summer swimming. And if you're going to spend that much time doing something, you might as well look good doing it. Here are a few of my favorite mini swimming suits, for baby boys and girls.

Boys: Target | Zara | Smallable
Girls: Target | Zara | Smallable

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