DIY Mother's Day Gift Wrap

We've purchased simple, and oh-so-sweet gifts for our moms this Mother's Day. I'm really in love with them and can't wait to send them off! They small and thin, though, making them a bit hard to wrap up. I decided to make a little envelope to put them in that would add to, rather than distract from the gift. It's so easy to make and has a major effect!

What you'll need: parchment paper (pretty cardstock will work, too!), a pencil, scissors, and this template.

Step 1: I created a free template* to make the process a bit easier for you! Download it and print it out.

P.S. If you chose to use cardstock, all you have to do is cut it out and you're done! I chose to use parchment paper because it's a bit see through and I love that you get a little peak at the gift inside before opening it!

Step 2: Cut out the template (cut along the straight lines, not the dotted!). Place it on the parchment paper, trace it, and then cut out your new envelope.

Step 3: Fold along the little strip that connects the halves of the heart still connected to the back of the parchment paper.

Step 4: Place your gift inside, fold both halves of the heart over the present, and tape shut!

You can add a little pop to the paper by adding polka dots. I just used the eraser tip of a pencil, dipped it in white acrylic paint and spaced the dots with my pinky (top and side). Less pressure gives you smaller dots, and more pressure creates bigger ones.

Happy Mother's Day!

*All TPOC templates are for personal use ONLY. Please do not alter, sell or link directly to this file from another site. If you wish to share the template, please link back to this post on TPOC. Thank you and enjoy!

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