My Daily Uniform

When I got married, I realized two things: 1. a guy takes all of two minutes to get ready; and 2. I took about 30 times that long. So little by little, I started slimming down that time using little tricks to simplify my routine.

It wasn't until Aubryn was born, though, that I really learned to consolidate the whole getting ready process. Husbands might be a little impatient while you spend an hour getting ready, but babies are really impatient. Besides, what mother even has that much time to spare?

So, simplify I did. I created an arsenal of simple hair-dos (braids, up-do's work best with a little one), found make-up that was easy and fast, and put together a comfortable uniform that helps me feel pulled together. It changes a bit depending on my mood and the seasons, but here's my current one.

1. Fun hair accessories. My hair is always up. In a top knot, back in a ponytail, braided. Popping a fun pom pom or bow in my hair is an easy way to spruce up hair-do's that can otherwise seem a bit dull. They instantly makes me feel more put together and feminine.

2. Classic T. I live in t-shirts. Ones like this can be dressed up or down. It looks great with a nice blazer and cropped trousers, or a simple pair of jeans.

3. Vintage glasses. According to my doctor, I need to wear glasses while on the computer, outside, reading, in class, driving, watching TV... basically, all the time. These glasses from BonLook are so perfect, I really don't mind.

4. Black skinny jeans. I recently became sold on black skinnies. They are my new staple. They work great for days at the park with Aubryn, are comfortable enough to wear around the house while cleaning and chasing a crawling babe, and can even be dressed up for meetings and nice date nights.

5. Draw-string canvas bag. I use this as a diaper bag. I love that it looks like a bag that an adult would have, unlike other diapers bags with cartoon characters adorning the sides. I can throw in the baby essentials during the day, and trade 'em out for date night goodies when out with Jordan.

6. Comfortable flats. It's so hard to find flats that you can wear for hours on end. Ones that stick to your feet when you run, and don't squish your toes when  you walk. I'm fairly certain these Tom's flats would be the most comfortable shoes on the planet.

What outfit do you find yourself constantly going back to? I'd love to see! Share your daily uniforms in the comments.


  1. So cute Tori! And the photo where you are throwing Aubryn up in the air is priceless! :)

    1. Thanks, Sara! It's one of my new favorites!

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  3. ^oops, that was me, signed into my apartment email!

    You look so cute! Your hair is amazing, I love your bag, is your shirt from GAP?, and my black skinnys recently ripped and I really need some news ones, AND that photo of you and Aubryn is so perfect.

    1. Thank you, Kate! Yes, the shirt is from Gap, I just couldn't find is anywhere on their site, so I linked to a similar one. And I got the skinnies from DownEast in Rexburg, they might still have some! And, thank you! It's one of my new favorites; I love her face!

    2. Oh, awesome! I will have to go look, thanks! Are they DownEast's brand?

      Yeah, I tried on that shirt at gap because I loved the shape and colors but it washed me out. I was bummed. It looks perfect on you!

  4. no seriously your hair looks so great here i'm dying.
    AND i'm ticked that that bag is sold out, it is great.

  5. Thanks, Kait! And the bag is sold out online, but in the store they still have lots!


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