This Week We

Oh, March... where did you go? Is anyone else surprised that it's almost April already? The month feels like it has flown by, and so does this week. It was quite a busy one, starting off with warm weather that we tried to get our fill of (and good thing, since it's now nowhere to be seen), family in town for a good chunk there in the middle, and spring cleaning/organizing bringing up the rear.

Can I tell you about a few of the amazing things that happened this week? One, we had pizza for dinner (amazing pizza) and Jordan was full after one slice. The first time in 31 years, he said (he's 25).

Two, we saw The Artist. A modern silent film, and I was glued to the screen the entire time. Except when Aubryn started crying. Or when she spilled the entire bag of Reeses Pieces on the floor. Or when Jordan and my mother spilled our entire large drink and we all started laughing. Besides that, it was a silent film. I wanted to publicly apologize to everyone in that movie theater (thank goodness it was a small crowd).

Third, we went on our first bike ride as a family this past weekend. And it was glorious.

Finally, Aubryn can pull herself up onto anything and everything. She can take steps and inch her way across said things. And she can now sit up from a laying down position. It's big, folks. When did my little girl turn into an eight-month-old? Next week, she'll probably be walking and talking. My mother informed me that I walked when I was eight and a half months old. I secretly hope Aubryn doesn't follow in my footsteps (no pun intended); she needs to stay little for a bit longer.

P.S. Aubryn finally got this. We all cheered.

I also tweet and pin. Here are a few of this week's favorite finds I wanted to share with you:

-I would love to stay in this hotel.
-I'd like to wear this striped dress on Easter.
-Pretty pictures and even more beautiful words in this post.
-Such a sweet Mother's Day card.
-Just in case you love neon as much as I do: neons + neutrals and some great DIY's.
-After a year of having Pinterest, I finally gave in and created a Funny board. This makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.
-The perfect Easter socks.
-I want to make these for every one of our summer parties.
-Mini floral shoes.
-I'd like to wear this outfit every day this summer.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And happy April Fool's Day on Sunday!

P.S. Here's this. You know, just in case you need some ideas. :)


  1. Love it! She's so stinkin cute. I love the picture with Kinsey and the picture with her helmet haha :) can't wait to see you guys! :D

    1. Haha, I like those pictures too. And we can't wait to see you either! :) Only two more weeks!!


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