My Five Favorite Pinners

I love Pinterest. I've always been a big bookmarker and have folder after folder of inspiration attached to each of my browsers. Unfortunately, I rarely look at them again, and because of that, it's even more rare for me to act on that inspiration.

So when I heard of Pinterest, a visual bookmarking site, I was more than a little excited. All the things that inspire me, in one place, that was easy to access and re-access as many times as I'd like. And even better? I can follow along with what inspires the people who inspire me.

Here are the top five people I'm glad to be following on Pinterest, in no particular order (except number five, it's definitely number one).

1. Amanda Jane Jones.
Coincidentally, she is also one of my favorite bloggers. You can check out her site here, and I highly recommend you do. She is also a designer for Kinfolk magazine. So yes, her style is quite impeccable.

2. Jennifer Hagler.
Jennifer is the lady behind A Merry Mishap, the blog and the shop. Both of which are amazing (I love her new style posts she's doing with her son! And this necklace). Her style is simple and clean. She was just featured by Refinery 29 as one of their favorite pinners, as well.

3. Joy Cho.
I love Joy's bright and fun style. Her pins are always full of life and color, and it's rare that they don't bring a smile to my face. Want a taste of her style? Check out her baby girl's room (and Joy's studio? to die for). I'm in love.

4. Brittany Jepsen.
Have you seen those oversized flowers floating around the web? Like in these? That's Brittany. She's also the face behind some great tutorials for Oh Happy Day, and these amazing Royal Wedding Souvenirs. Her pins are just as great.

5. Jordan Bowman.
Yes, my husband's a pinner. And I'm so glad he is. The man has style, and because it's similar to mine, he is always pinning things that interest and inspire me. But since he's a guy, and follows very different people/topics than I do, it's always something I haven't seen yet. Because admit it, following 237 women who follow all the same people and blogs you do and pin all the same things can make your home pin board a little blah. Pins from my husband keep things interesting.

P.S. You should check out his photography board. It's quite amazing.

Who you do love following on Pinterest? Any good suggestions? Other than my above five, I love following the people I care about, like my family and best girl friends. I love seeing what they love and what interests them because they matter to me (it also makes figuring out ideas birthday and Christmas gifts that much easier!).

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