What Aubryn Wore No. 1

Have I ever told you how stylish this little girl of ours is? I'm more than a little jealous of her wardrobe. And after you get a peek at a few of her outfits, you probably will be, too.

shirt: The Children's Place ($6) | leggings: Gap (gift) 

This is Aubryn's On The Go outfit (can you tell?), perfect for running errands with mom. The girl's loving the mixed print trend and let's be honest, she rocks it.

We're big fans of leggings over here. The girl doesn't own a single pair of jeans or khakis, just leggings and jeggings (we love jeggings). They are easy for Aubryn to move around in since she's entered the army crawl phase, and aren't too tight around her little belly. They are also nice because, since they are so stretchy, they fit her well for longer periods of time.

Here are a few of my favorite items in Aubryn's closet right now. And yes, all of the clothes in this post are from either Gap or the Children's Place. I think it's safe to say those are our two favorite places to shop for baby clothes.

dress: Gap (gift) | cardigan: Gap (gift) | leggings: The Children's Place ($5) | dress: Gap (gift) 

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