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Our week was full of momentous occasions. Like a six month birthday, followed by a six month doctor's appointment, full equipped with six month shots. Oh, and locking ourselves out of our house. When the landlord was out of town. Thankfully our week was also full of nice neighbors who let us hang out in their apartment until we could unlock the door that connects our entryway to their living room. And double thanks that they are expecting and let our restless little girl play with all their soon-to-be babe's toys. Yes, we owe them cookies for sure.

I also tweet and pin. Here are a few of this week's favorite finds I wanted to share with you:

-Chalkboard fabric? I didnt even know this existed!
-Love ever after.
-Need some Valentine's Day ideas? Ruche has a great guide.
-A letter about love from John Steinbeck.
-I love these ombre balloons.
-The rules to always being a gentleman.
-Ampersand love.
-Inspiring stay-at-home moms.
-A great gift for any little boy. Or husband.
-How to decide who you should marry.

Happy weekend, everyone! And remember, never leave your house without your keys.

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