10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Pinned My First Pin

Pinterest and I go way back. Like back before I read silly things like owner's manuals. I just jumped right into pinning without giving those instructions a second thought, creating one giant, unorganized mess of pretty things. And oh how I regret it. If I could go back, here are the ten things I wish I would have known before I pinned that first pin.

1. You can add contributors. 
You can add contributors to your each of your boards. You have to be following at least one of the person's boards in order to add them as a contributor, but it can be done. Add your favorite crafty ladies to your DIY board, your fiancé to your wedding inspiration board, or your stylish beat friend to your fashion board. Two heads (or ten) are always better than one.

2. Pinterest is the ultimate planner.
You can use it to plan the most important events, moments, projects of your life. Like your wedding, your baby's nursery or your family's first trip to Disney World. Let Pinterest help you visually plan out and organize the things that are most important to you.

3. It's not just for girls.
Did you know that the creator of Pinterest was a guy? And that 25% of all Pinterest users are male? And that some of the best pinboards are created by men? Better believe it, sister. So a) don't judge your hubby or your brother or your dad if their name pops up in your Find Friends list and b) click follow! You'll thank me later.

4. It's a social pin board, not just a pin board.
Don't just pin, chat! Think that scarf you just pinned would look great on your BFF? Mention her in the comments section of the pin. Rather than just repining something, comment on the original pin and say how much you like the find.

5. There's a Pinterest browser extension for Chrome.
Use it. Next time you stumble upon a cute shirt or an awesome DIY project, all you have to do is click "Pin It," choose your image, write a description and there you have it. Pinning made easy.

6. Liking a pin is not a total waste.
How many boards do you have that only hold a few pins? Ever come across a pin but weren't quite sure where to put it so you didn't pin it at all? Enter the "Like" button. Next time you see a cute picture of a puppy with a baby but can't quite decide if it fits better on your Furry Friends or Adorable Babies board, "like" that sucker. Times like those are exactly what the button's for.

7. You can add prices.
And you can search by price, too. So when you're staring at your Dream House pins trying to get a budget figured out, you'll have the prices right there. Pinterest has the power to make your life easier. Take advantage of it.

8. The Pinterest mobile app is heaven sent.
Bored in the waiting room of the doctor's office? Pin. Trying not to fall asleep during your best friend's second cousin's sister's piano recital? Pin. Waiting in the long pick-up line at your child's school? Pin. Pinterest: filling in the gaps between life's little moments since 2009.

9. Categorize your boards.
It might not matter to you, but it is a huge help to your fellow pinners. Categorizing your boards enables people to find your pins when searching by category. Spread the pinning love and you will get love back.

10. Pinterest is a place to organize your life so you can go out and live it.
It's easy to spend hours pinning. It's easy to get so caught up in pinning DIY projects that you never end up actually doing it yourself. Pinterest isn't meant to keep you inside, staring at your computer; it's meant to get you offline, doing the things you love. It should inspire you, motivate you, give you the tools to get you up and moving. Those pins might look awfully pretty all together on that board but if you're just looking at them and never acting on them, what's the point? Don't just pin, do.


  1. Great post Tori! I have to admit I am a wee bit addicted to Pinterest. I will try out some of your suggestions - like contributors.

  2. Thanks, This is Great. I'm going to add this to my pinterest design board. :) and I'm going to follow you on pinterest as well! :)


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