Salvaging Valentine's Day | A How-To

Sometimes Valentine's Day doesn't turn out quite as we've envisioned. Plans fall through, babies require us to spend the evening at home, and it turns into just another night. Here are four easy steps get the day back on track, to salvage your Valentine's Day.

1. Print one of these puppies.
Any one will do. All are adorable. Just depends on the feelings of your little old heart and how you want to express the lovey dovey stuff. All you have to do is press print, add a little personalization, and voila! Instant valentine.

2. Slap some candy on it.
Because really, everything is better with candy.

3. Throw in dinner and a movie.
Make it a chick flick. Like Return to Me (one of our favorites). Something that's mushy enough for tissues but funny enough to keep your guy entertained.

4. Seal it with a kiss.
But that's a given.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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