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We just found out that season two of Downton Abbey can be viewed online. So needless to say a decent chunk of our week has been spent getting ourselves caught up. And Aubryn spent her week becoming a fan of bananas, getting one step (or scoot) closer to crawling, and being introduced to her first library.

Our trip to the library one of my favorite parts of the week. It was so fun to see her excitement as while looking through the books, to see her in awe of the stacks of books that seemed to go on forever. There's something about being a parent and experiencing these ordinary moments with her for the first time that wakes me up, helps me see and makes every day moments more special.

I also tweet and pin. Here are a few of this week's favorite finds I wanted to share with you:

-This made me laugh. And if you've ever been pregnant, I'm sure it will make you laugh too.
-Alt Design Conference happened last weekend. And this week, the internet was full of some great recaps. This one was my favorite.
-Trying to find a gift for a soon-to-be-momma? I think this would be perfect.
-Have you heard of Kinfolk magazine?
-My favorite jewelry shop on Etsy. Don't you love these?
-Aubryn is obsessed with our iPhones. Maybe this would solve the let's-not-eat-it-or-break-it problem.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald's list of things to worry about.
-I love beautiful photography.
-I've been daydreaming about our future home. How cool is this? I wouldn't mind this either. For the kids, of course.
-And don't you forget it.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Ours will be spent enjoying the snow that has finally arrived and celebrating a certain someone's half birthday. Jealous?

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