Raising A Veggie Lover

Over Thanksgiving break, we took a little trip to Ikea. One of the items on our shopping list was a Christmas present for Aubryn. Specifically, a toy.

As we were looking in the children's section, I spotted the toy food. I turned to Jordan and suggested we get her the fruit. Or better yet, the stuffed ice cream cones and toppings (they were just too cute)!

But he turned to the vegetables. Carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, celery. He said that she was bound to like fruit, and that every Bowman has a soft spot for ice cream, but vegetables... If we bought her the veggies, perhaps it would help her like them more when she was older. I just laughed.

This week we started introducing her to foods other than rice cereal, the first of which being fruit. She wasn't a fan. Jordan might have been right after all.

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