sixty-four is a good number.

All I can think about lately is staying caught up on school. So that just in case this little girl decides to come five weeks early like her dad did, I'll be prepared.

That's left little time for things such as blogging. And lately, sleep.

But I found a few minutes to squeeze in a post because a lot has been going on lately. We've now reached the 30th week of the pregnancy. Only sixty-four days to go.


A few weeks ago at our monthly doctor's visit, we had an unplanned ultrasound to make sure Baby Girl was safe and healthy (don't worry, she is). And while it wasn't done under the best of circumstances and while I was a little (ok, a lot) worried the entire time, it was a nice little first Mother's Day gift to get to see her. She has grown so much these past ten weeks and I can't wait to see her again in July.

And did I mention that people can finally tell I’m pregnant? Yes, that baby bump has officially shown up. Here’s the proof. 

In other news, our little giveaway from Love, Kelsie Rae (yes, it's long overdue, I know) finally has a winner:
Just shoot Kelsie an email ( with your address, she'll get this cute little headband sent off to you!


  1. yayyyy a baby bump picture. YES YES YES. love it. so happy for you. :)

  2. thanks, jos! we’re pretty darn stoked.


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