simple solutions.

The other night a friend and I were talking about our homes. She said that she doesn't like to bring things that aren't beautiful into her home; and that she wants to fill her home with unique things, items that can't be found in every other home on the block.

I find myself feeling the same way. And I don't think that's a bad thing. We all want to create a space to call our own, a place that reflects us, individually. And we can't get that when we mimic page 38 of the latest IKEA catalog. (Although I'll be the first to admit that just about everything in the catalog makes me swoon!)

While that has been an unconscious goal of mine, it's been hard to do on a college student budget. I've had to dig deep and squeeze out all the creative juice that I can to create a space that Jordan and I can feel at home in... without spending a ton of money.

It's also taken some compromise. For nineteen years, my room was my space, to be decorated how and with whatever I pleased. Now, each decorating decision needs two stamps of approval instead of one.

We've learned together, however, that the best things for us and our home are the simplest. And that's how we try to approach the decorating problems we face: with the simplest solution.

And I'd like to share a few of those solutions with you. So next week will be devoted to doing just that: starting Monday, we'll talk home and how we can each make our's a space where we (and the men in our lives) can feel comfortable and how we can do so frugally.

In other news... it's about time I shared some baby bump pictures with you all. (You might have to squint a little, but there is a baby in there. I promise.)

week 19

week 20


  1. what a simply adorable baby bump! I am jealous... shhhh! ;)

  2. haha hmm.. are you sure you're pregnant? Also, I am excited for all the home talk. I'll be readin!

  3. yeah i'm excited for those upcoming posts. and can't wait for more pregnant pictures, so exciting.



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