ask husband + a winner.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know all about my husband. That he loves cheese, and sass; that we met in Florida and that I adore him.

But you've never actually met him. Like face to face... on the internet. So, I invited him over today to speak for himself. To answer questions and tell you about our life from his perspective.

How did you and Tori meet/start dating?
Ok, here's the REAL story.

I always thought she was rather attractive ;) but at first we were just friends, with no intention at all of getting romantic (no, seriously). That kind of sprang up after a while when we got to know each other better.

So, it was going along pretty well and then all of a sudden, we're hanging out one night and she starts talking about this other guy she's practically dating! She wanted some advice... yeah, whatever.

I gave her my honest opinion, anyway... and we ended up *kissing for the first time that night.

Well, she broke it off with the other dude, and it was all open field from then on. All I had to do was sing a few songs with my guitar, and the deal was sealed.

*Rebuttal from Tori: I'm not a floosy. 

What was the biggest adjustment to married life? 
The permanent attachment known as your "spouse." You no longer think about just yourself—you live together, work together, make decisions together, and brush your teeth together. (It's great, by the way.)

If you had to choose one "Marriage Rule to Live By" what would it be? 
Forget yourself. Do that, and you'll have a happy life together—no question about it.

Um, you're going to be a dad. How does that make you feel? 
Excited. Scared. Happy. Nervous. Psyched. Intimidated. Feverish. And just generally "wowed."

Which one has your vote: Emmalynn Pearl or Elsie Claire? 
Emmalynn Claire. Wait... is that an option?

Are you sad that you aren't going to have a little boy around the house to wrestle and tackle? 
Nope. I'm happy with whatever gender the little Bowman is! In fact, I'm way excited to have a girl!

And I'll just get a big dog to tackle.

What do you do while your wife blogs? 
I blog too, at The Fresh Standard. I also like to play basketball, eat, watch good movies, munch on food, ride my bike, dine, play the guitar, swallow, talk about business, and feed myself.

How do you feel about being blogged about all the time? 
Favorably, mostly because the words written about me are favorable.

And that's my husband. He's great, right? Yeah, I know, he's a winner.

Speaking of winners... we have one for last week's giveaway! Drum roll please.....

Congratulations! I'll be getting in touch with you sometime today with more details!


  1. Thats super awesome Tori. I read your blog every time you add something new. I'm super excited i won the print. It is truly beautiful. Thank you so much Tori.

  2. Thank you! You are so sweet. Just let me know which piece you want and I'll get it off to you so that you can enjoy it in person. :)

  3. this is cute. "rebuttal from tori" made me laugh out loud.


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