letter to baby.

Dear Baby, 

Today while we were sitting in church, a man told a story about losing his son four days after he was born. The man talked about how badly he had wanted to keep that child with him, how much he had loved him. 

But what did that child do to merit that kind of love? That unconditional, all-encompassing love?

What have you done to make me love you so much? What has any unborn child done to make their mothers love them? Make them throw up? Kick 'em?

And yet, that almost always comes. And it's come in bunches with you, my dear. I've loved you from the beginning, the very very start. Each day I'm reminded of the love I already have for you, the love I've always had for you. 

We get to see you tomorrow, to hear your heartbeat, to see whether you're a little boy or girl and dear, we can't wait. Dad thinks you're a boy, and I'm betting on a girl. We'll see. 

You're great, you're active and we love you. A lot. 

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  1. Just wait till he or she finally comes out...I couldn't stop staring at my son...even in the middle of the night of the hospital...it was like if I looked away he might disappear. Excited for you guys!


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