it's a...

We're having a girl! It took the ultrasound tech quite a while to get a clear shot, and even though she could already tell what it was, she wanted to wait to tell us until we could see for ourselves. It was a rough couple of minutes waiting for this little girl to calm down enough to snap a picture.

By the time they were ready to take pictures of her face with the 3D sensor, she had worn herself out and was done. She curled herself up in a ball, hid her face behind her hands and started yawning. But really.

After wiggling for thirty minutes straight, I'd be ready for a nap, too. Jordan says she's gonna be an athlete; the technician said she'll make a good gymnast because she's so flexible. Who knows. Maybe she'll do parkour or be an interpretive dancer.

Here are the names we're thinking for our new little girl:

What do you think? Which one's your favorite?


  1. i love emmalyn! so feminine. that rhymed...intentional. congratulations! what an exciting day!!

  2. i love ELSIE! i would totally name my little girl that if my name wasn't kelsie........... emma is so cute too though!

    p.s. i love that font you're using :)

  3. I vote Emmalyn Pearl. Claire votes Elise Claire :)


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