when nature is all aglow.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to summer with one bike ride, and welcomed fall with another. We enjoyed the warm colors and sunshine; we rode down College Avenue, adoring its old homes, and talked about what we want our home to look like. Jordan told me that he loves fall because the leaves change color.

Those leaves crunched under my feet this morning on my way to school. I listened to this as I walked and enjoyed the smell of fall. I wore a short sleeve shirt for what will probably be the last time until May.

And while I will miss not having to wear 9.5 layers of clothing, this changing of the seasons makes me happy. Fall brings birthdays, anniversaries, and other wonderful holidays (yes, we consider our birthdays and anniversary a holiday). I'm excited to campout in our living room, feast on delicious food with family, and break out the metal Christmas tree.

Hello, Fall. We like you. A lot. 
(but please hold off on the snow until at least November.)


  1. today did feel like fall, i'm ready for it.

  2. I love fall. And I love your blog. The end.

  3. I love the metal Christmas tree.


You are wonderful.