alive and well.

I have found that blogging is difficult without a computer.  But I'm back and am now writing from a brand new mac; I've officially converted.

But  the lack of a computer is just one reason for my disappearance.  

In the past month, my husband and I have moved between three states.  We started classes again at the university, while trying to have a yard sale and get reacquainted with our old house and town.  

I have been doing freelance design and last week I began working as a journalist for the university.

So our lives have been busy.  But we are starting to settle back into the life we had four months ago, and we are enjoying it.  We are fans of education, and our jobs--we have really cool ones.

I'll be back again tomorrow; I promise.  I've missed this space far too much to stay away any longer. 


  1. when can i see you?! and i cant wait to read your articles in the scroll!


You are wonderful.