Little's Style Series – Channeling Cal & Hayes

Emily Frame is the stylist behind amazing shoots like these and one of the three masterminds behind the children's lifestyle blog, Small Fry. So it's no wonder that her little ones would be among the best dressed kids on the web. P.S. Make sure to read on until the very end! Her last tip is my favorite (and so true!).

Tell us a little about your boys!
I have two sweet as honey boys, Hayes & Callum (Cal like California). They are 16 months apart and the best of friends. They fight over toys like puppies, but are each other's best customers when it comes to jokes and are constantly rooting the other on in mischief.

Hayes is sensitive, silly, caring & such a pure hearted guy. He thinks all the toys in sight are his toys. Sharing literally pains him, you can see it in his face, but he keeps working at it. His little face and tiny voice will break your heart or the bank, whichever comes first. Spoiled!

Cal is our honeyman, we always say "he's just happy to be here!" because he is so easygoing, and independent. Definitely the easiest of babies. His favorite pass-times are eating everything in sight, singing to himself, and flirting with everyone. He's a spitfire when he doesn't get his way and can wrestle his big brother to the ground already.

How would you describe their personal styles and how do their styles reflect their personalities?
They have yet to exert their independence on clothes, so I guess their personal style is whatever I want it to be! I don't like their clothes to limit them or their activity so I keep that in mind when we get dressed in the morning.

What are their go-to outfits?
Stretchy denim, super soft tees & moccasins with a backwards hat or beanie. Boys are so easy!

Where is your favorite place to shop for your boys?
I love thrifting for them. It's cost effective (my boys are so hard on their clothes!) and I've found some amazing and unique pieces.

And what is your philosophy when buying pieces for them?
I don't love anything too precious, and I hate label heavy or overly loud clothes. So they dress really simply and kind of like little adults! To me that's the cutest.

What would you say are the three must-have pieces for little boys?
Durable sneakers, a cardigan for the car so we can easily go from playtime to a nice dinner, and a belt. There is virtually nothing to a little boy's tooshie so you gotta have something to keep those trousers up! I use a neon shoelace for their belts, super easy to get on and off & they never out grow it!

What pieces are you always willing to splurge on?
Shoes! Since there's two boys in a row, I feel justified knowing they'll get double the use. You start to learn what shoes will last and what aren't worth the splurge, but even still, a splurge to me is $50.

And what is the one fashion tip you would give to mothers with boys?
If they never see light up dinosaur shoes in the store, they'll never ask for them! I've successfully avoided the Target boys shoe aisle for two years. :)

Thank you so much, Emily, Cal and Hayes! Check out Small Fry's series, From Head to Toe, for more amazing looks and tips!

And now, a few tips to snag the looks above, plus links to the featured pieces!

Don't be afraid to shop in the girls section for jeans for your little boy. The cuts are great and no one will ever guess they are actually for girls. Blazers are great staple pieces for a little boy's wardrobe because they can easily be dressed up or down. Throw it over a tucked in button up for a more formal occasion, or leave the shirt untucked and throw on a beanie to keep it looking casual.

skinny jeans / beanie / zip-up cardigan / plaid button-up / grey cardigan / blazer

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