Under $25 Holiday Guide: For Aubryn (Or Toddler Girls)

Here's a little tip we use in our home to keep gifts minimal and meaningful. Only giving four gifts each holiday makes us really think about what we buy and put our hearts into what we give to those we love. It has made such a difference.

Something to Wear:
Leggings and cardigans are the staples in Aubryn's closets. I love the look of this zipper cardigan and those leggings look so warm and cozy. And can we talk about those oxfords? Everything is so much cuter in mini.

Cardigan $12.00
Oxfords $14.39
Leggings $3.99 (such a steal!)

Something to Read:
Every night before bed, we sit down as a family and read a story. Olivia and Elephant & Piggie are two of our favorites. The stories are so fun and witty and always have Jordan and I laughing. You will like them as much as your kids will, I promise.

Let's Go for a Drive! $7.31
Pantone Colors $9.95
Olivia Saves The Circus $7.19

Something You Want:
Phones and car keys are two of Aubryn's favorite toys. And since she doesn't have a phone or set of keys of her own, she's usually stealing mine. I think it's about time she got her own.  She also loves Winnie The Pooh and Tigger is still missing from her stuffed animal collection.

Toy Phone $14.99
Tigger $14.99
Toy Keys $10.49

Something You Need:
With how often she slips while walking and the weather getting colder and colder, non-slip slippers are a must. So are Christmas PJs. And a cupcake set to help you learn shapes? Everyone needs one of those too. Especially when you're a toddler girl.

Slippers $7.99
Pajamas $10.00
Cupcake Set $14.39

Instead of creating posts here with each individual gift guide, I've created a few boards over all Pinterest, one for each guide with all gifts under $25. Here are links to the toddler guides:

Toddler Toys for Boys & Girls
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What items have made your toddler's list? What gifts have they received that they just loved? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I bought a giant Mr Potato head for EZ this year, with 2 little ones inside and all the body part fixins! I need more book recs (we also do the 4 present idea), so thanks!


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