At The Park + A Game of Peek-A-Boo

The park is one of Aubryn's favorite places. She lives for slides and swings are one of her happy places. Our favorite time to go is right after dinner. It's perfect for getting those last few wiggles out before bedtime, and it's usually free of older kids who take over the slides and swings. Which makes it easier for Jordan and I to join in on the fun Aubryn is having.

And how about a short little game of peek-a-boo? Aubryn finally got the hang of it recently and it's adorable. But, as you can see, it can really wear a girl out.



  1. your hair is SO cute!! love it. and how fun for you three to goto the park! cute family. :)

  2. Cute cute cute. I love seeing families at the park. :)

  3. It is great picture of cute family but the good thing we notice is the parents how they enjoying with the kid. They also become kid with their kid.That is most loving scene one can notice.


You are wonderful.