Aubryn At A Year

Aubryn has always been full of personality, but at a year, I can't believe how much that personality grows all the time. Every day she is honing new skills, getting into new things, and turning into more of a little toddler.

Here are a few of her new found skills and favorite things at as a one year old:

1. Talking. Her two favorite phrases? What is that? and Who is that? There's still room for improvement, but people other than Jordan and I are able to decipher what she's saying with ease so it's official. Our girl's a talker.

2. Walking. And as of two days ago, standing up by herself, sans mom/dad/wall. Guys, she's big. We haven't bothered much with shoes before the walking milestone, but now that she's toddling all over the place, a whole new aspect of her wardrobe has begun to unfold. And we're big fans. Baby shoes are the cutest.

3. Baths. A new found love. She's all over the place. Laughing, splashing, slipping, swallowing water and coughing, and discovering the whole new world that is the four foot expanse of our bathtub.

4. Freedom. Otherwise known as learning to take her diaper off all by herself. We aren't extremely excited about this new skill, but let's be honest, it is a little funny. We don't admit that to her, though. I have yet to even the slightest smile when she demonstrates this new little trick.

5. Laughing. She's always been one for a good laugh, but now, when she thinks something is really funny, she throws her hands over her face and laughs, laughs, laughs. Sometimes she even doubles over in said laughter. I don't know where she learns this stuff.


  1. those bathtub pictures are incredibly cute! she is such a little doll, i love it!

    1. Thanks, Brandilyn! Bath time has become one of the best times to take pictures! She's always so happy and fun.

  2. What a CUTE baby! I love the sleeping picture. Awww. I need a baby. :)

    1. Haha, well just go out and get one then!


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