I'd like to introduce you to Kate Lines. A psychology student who moonlights as a photographer, spends her weekends exploring the Idaho wilderness and has quite the knack for writing. And she's got great style.

"My daily uniform is the most comfortable things I own – a maxi skirt and tee. It's perfect for summer. It's easy to walk in. I feel pretty. Can I get an amen? And can we all agree that maxi skirts are perfectly perfect when they are centimeters above the ground, sweeping gracefully across your sandals? Well, tall girls raise your hand (hand raised) ... it's not as easy as you'd think. This 'skirt' is actually a tube top dress. I cut a few inches off the top and there you go – a perfectly perfect maxi skirt.

"Tees, on the other hand, are the easy part. I have quite the collection of rad tees in my dresser and most of them are thrifted. I always and only look in boys L and XL and mens S and M. I mean where else could you find a '1987 Idaho State Track and Field' t-shirt? No where, that's where.

"And I never leave the house without a few bracelets. One is from Moab, one from West Yellowstone, one from a friend and one from my Grandma. Geez Louise! DIY maxi skirts, hand-me-downs from grandma, and thrifting? I am like soooooo trendy (but mostly just want to wear pajamas all day without actually wearing pajamas all day)."


  1. Amen to a comfy summer outfitt! and kudos for it bein a cute one too

    1. I know, right?! I love that tee.

  2. Replies
    1. You are welcome! Thanks for sharing your uniform!


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