Bits Of Life Lately

With Aubryn walking, nothing is safe anymore. The house has been reorganized, redecorated, baby proofed... And yet each day, she finds another thing to get into and the process begins all over again. We have begun to take refuge outside where her little hands are occupied with grass and holding onto swings. But with the Idaho heat threatening to drown us in sweat, such plans are often short-lived.

Last weekend we attempted to celebrate the upcoming holiday by taking a trip to a nearby town for the day. There was a car show, street vendors, a hypnotist and fireworks. But due to said heat, we enjoyed one and half of those things. After about an hour, we were on our way back home, with a baby stripped of all but her diaper and the AC on full blast, with our arms slowly reddening from our only souvenir of  the journey: sunburns.

Whatever, Rexburg. You might not allow us to stay outside for long, but you can't stop us from at least snapping a few good pictures while we're out there.

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