Aubryn's Birthday

Saturday we celebrated A's birthday as a family of three. Jordan found out that he had to work at the last minute, so our big birthday bash with our extended families had to be rescheduled. So that big first birthday party I've been talking about? This isn't it. Instead, we filled the day with Aubryn's favorite things. Food, playing, the park, Skyping... And some delicious birthday pie. Because we Bowmans are pie people. We had such a fun time celebrating our favorite girl and can't wait to celebrate again with our families.


  1. do you have a pie recipe? those look amazing! i love how you did the crust! and happy happy birthday to the cutest little girl in town!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I do have a recipe for it! And I will get it up on the blog ASAP!

  2. She is SO cute! And the pie looks delicious!


You are wonderful.