My Daily Uniform – Joslin Farmer

I'd like to introduce a new series that I'm really excited about... My Daily Uniform! I plan on featuring lovely ladies (and maybe a few guys, too!) talking about their uniforms – simple outfits that help them feel put together. Our first one comes from Joslin Farmer, one of my oldest friends. She's hilarious, caring, and one of ten kids! When we were in high school, we spent our weekends TPing, doorbell ditching and roaming WalMart. What rebels, right?

She was kind enough to share not one, but three of her go-to outfits. Here are the pieces and combos she always finds herself coming back to.

"I love wearing skirts and dresses. They get me every time I go shopping. Many times, I buy a size large so it's long enough. Loose fit is in style, right? Tights are also a go-to of mine during the winter. I have loads of them. And leggings with long baggy shirts are my favorite. It's comfy and easy. Don't worry about what other people think or wear. If you like it, then wear it!"



  1. cuteeee!! love love love. and creative way to do blog posts.

    love your blog and your cute baby! :)

  2. well i just feel cool being on your blog haha so thanks for asking me! it was fun. :) TPing, doorbell ditching and roaming WalMart-whats better than that!? miss the good times we had. :)

    1. Haha, thanks for sharing your style, Jos! And yes, I miss those times too! SO fun.


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