Baby's First Birthday – The Gifts

Between deciding the amounts of gifts to give each year, traditions to start, activities to plan, and the very important decision of cake or pie... there's a lot to think about when it comes to planning a birthday party. And as the mother, trying on a new hat labeled Party Planner, I feel the bulk of these burdens lies on my shoulders.

So I've decided to start a mini series counting down to the big day to help me get a better handle on the planning, force myself to document it all, and maybe provide a little help to other new mom's who are trying to figure out this party planning business, too!

In this first post, I wanted to cover gift giving

Jordan and I heard a great piece of gifting advice recently and have decided to use it as a guide for all gift-giving holidays from here on out. Presents are broken down into four categories, with the person receiving one gift from each category: something to wear, something to read, something you want, and something you need. 

We love it. It diversifies the gifts and covers all the bases, greatly simplifying the gift giving process. Plus, it includes books! And how often do kids get books as gifts these days?

Two more quick tips to simplify the process:
1. Team up with grandparents. I found the perfect gift for Aubryn on sale at Old Navy, but couldn't justify the shipping being more than the actual item. Solution? Knowing my parents were getting Aubryn clothes for her birthday, too, we decided to do our shopping together and save on shipping.
2. Keep a running list of gift ideas. Or just create a Pinterest board for it. I swear that's my answer for everything. 

Here's what we plan to get Aubryn this year for her birthday. One thing she wants, one thing she needs, one thing to wear and one thing to read. And yes, Winnie the Pooh is definitely a need.

Want / Need / Wear / Read

What do you do for birthdays and other holidays? Any gifts you always give, like PJs for Christmas?


  1. That's such a smart idea! I am desperately trying to figure out what to get my husband for his birthday. I'm afraid I don't have great ideas for gifts, but I do know that my mom loved getting photo books of both my wedding and my brother's. She absolutely cherishes them.

  2. Photo books make such great gifts! One of my favorite things to give and receive are framed pictures! With everything digital these days it seems like they are becoming a rarity, but I always love being able to touch and hold those cherished memories!


You are wonderful.