Curated // Jordan's Summer Wardrobe

I couldn't leave Jordan out of this wardrobe sharing party, so last but certainly not least, here's the man of the house's outfit picks for these warm summer months. And let me tell you, he's got style. These picks were all his doing (after I kindly asked him to play along) and I love all of them. They're classic and simple, which in my opinion, is exactly what a man's style should be.

On top: I'll always choose a v-neck over a crew. And I love this take on a classic short-sleeve henley. (Find these shirts here, here & here.)

On bottom: This cobalt blue might be my new favorite color. Bermuda shorts have all but eliminated the baggy cargos that were once so common among guys, but here is an updated, less bulky version that I quite like. (Find these shorts here & here.)

Layering: Summer nights can get a bit chilly, and even a guy's not cold, it's still a good idea to have a hoody on hand in case his wife is. I also love how perfect this henley is for layering, just the right amount of fabric to keep you warm during the not so warm parts of summer. (Find these layers here & here.)

On his feet: We're a Tom's family. They are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes in existence, and I'm a firm believer that they look great with just about everything. The Cordones are my favorite style. Throw in some flip-flops, and you're set for summer. (Find these shoes here & here.)

At the beach: Girls might need cover-ups, beach bags and swim caps, but all a guy needs at the beach is a pair of trunks and sunglasses, and they're more than set. I love these glasses from BonLook, but let's be honest, I love just about everything from BonLook. (Find the trunks here & the sunglasses here.)

Does your man give much thought to what he wears? What pieces do you wish were in their summer wardrobe?

P.S. Did I mention Jordan started an online shop full of vintage ties? With how full that tie rack was getting, opening such a shop became a necessity. I wanted to keep every tie we bought! They're one of my favorite things to shop for and I can't even wear them.

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