This Week We

Our week has been spent battling the cold. At first, it was just Aubryn, but by the middle of the week, I had it too. There have been lots of baths in our sauna-esque bathroom and humidifiers running full blast. Which has resulted in lots of foggy mirrors and windows. We're determined to kick this little bug so we can enjoy our weekend full of wam weather (60 degrees finally!) and the Hunger Games premiere (finally for that too).

I also tweet and pin. Here are a few of this week's favorite finds I wanted to share with you:

-These new clips from the Hunger Games have me itching to see it tomorrow!
-Love these custom wedding invitations.
-"Nine extra floors." (That couple is my favorite!)
-We love Legos. And their sweet ads.
-This brought tears to my eyes.
-If Mom Had Three Minutes.
-"All of this is for you."
-These pants look so comfy!
-Cuteness overload.
-"Real or not real?"

Happy weekend, everyone! Have any fun plans? Are you a Hunger Games fan? And if so are you a big enough fan to dress up for the premiere? I'm excited to all the sweet Capital get-ups. And really, just to see the movie. I was so impressed with the book and can't wait to see if the movie does it justice!


  1. Wow! You made even a humidifier look good :)!

    I also have a daughter born July 2011. It's almost been a year! So crazy ...

    1. Oh, thank you! And yes, it is crazy that it's been almost a year! I can't believe she's getting SO big!


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