A Little Peak Inside Our Home

Our entire married life in Rexburg, we've lived in the same house. An old brick home that's been split into three apartments. Our's is in front. It has great wallpaper, a mail slot that we can access from our front room, and just enough room for our little family of three. 

Here are a few of my favorite little corners of our home. 

There are so many quirky details in our home. Like the fold out desk hiding behind our stove, or the built in shelving in the kitchen that serves as the perfect display case for our jar collection and party cups (all of which were thrifted). 

Wood paneling covers the living room. And a fireplace that we can't use takes up an entire wall.

A while back we decided to make our apartment ours. We set a budget and chose a few things that we wanted in our space. The most important item on our list was a permanent home for Jordan's guitar. We began looking for guitar hooks and were disappointed to learn that even the cheap ones cost about $20. So we got creative. And bought a bike hook from a hardware store for a mere $3. Works like a charm. 

A few weeks ago, we finally got our big bookcase down to Rexburg. We quickly filled it up with some of our favorite books and knick-knacks. The bookcase fits perfectly in our entryway and looks great against our gold wallpaper. I'm still trying to figure out how we can take that wallpaper with us when we move. Any suggestions on this matter are welcome. 

On a baren wall outside our bedroom, we have the beginnings of a photo wall. These are some of my favorite photos of our little family. I smile every time I see them. 

Our bathroom is big and bright. Mint tile covers three quarters of the walls and our shower is small and doubles as a sauna. Every time we are away from home I miss that shower. 

Living in a small apartment means Aubryn shares a room with us. It's been hard to separate her space from our adult space, but we try. Aubryn gets the wall that her bed is on and we get the one that ours is on. I love the photo arrangement above her crib. Each piece makes me smile and it's so fun to catch her starring at them when I go to get her up in the morning or when she wakes up from her naps.

It's so easy to let toys over-run our home. We keep her toys cleared up as much as possible, and have specific places for them in our bedroom so that we can maintain our share of the space, rather than letting it become a play room. We keep her bigger toys tucked away in a corner by her crib and her smaller toys fit nicely in a basket that sits atop the dresser.

Our home is my favorite place to be. It is where I feel happiest and it is a space full of love. And no matter where we live, I know I will always feel that way. Because home is about the people you share it with, not the four walls that surround you.

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  1. well isn't your house just great. i love it! and that aubryn is such a keeper, i need to SEE her, coming to ut again sometime soon?

    1. Thanks, Kait! Unfortunately, I'm not sure when we will be going to Utah next... Perhaps for conference? But maybe not? Really, I have no clue. But we really do need to see you. When will you be going to Fruitland next?

  2. We live in a small house (for 5 people) but I love it . . . and I love your last line of the post (:

    1. Thanks, Jodi! We really love our small little house. It would be nice if Aubryn had her own room, but really, we don't mind. It has it's advantages!


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