Some Forgotten Photos

I've been trying to do little updates of our lives each week, and as I was going back through some saved posts, I realized I missed one. A particularly good one, in fact. So, I thought I'd share.

Presenting, our lives, November 11 through November 18.

1: Aubryn’s favorite toy: Ikea’s LEKA baby gym. Straight from heaven. We think it’s beautiful. By we, I mean Jordan and I. Aubryn might think it’s beautiful, too, but who knows.
2: Cuddle time with Minnie is an essential part of this little girl’s day. They're basically BFF, those two.
3 & 4: Sitting up isn’t as easy as it looks. But we try, oh how we try.*
5: Aubryn's been talking quite a bit these days, so much so that she's starting to lose her voice. But I dare you to find anything cuter than a baby with a raspy voice. In fact, I double dog dare you. 
6: Just enjoying some light conversation after church. And such conversation requires one to have at least three of the five fingers from one hand in their mouth at all times. It’s a rule, folks.
7: We bought an iPad. So we took a family picture, obviously. P.S. Can you tell we're family?

*Update: Aubryn may have had a hard time sitting up in November, but as of January, shoot... that girl's got it down! 

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