A Love Story from Brandilyn Haynes

As part of the Celebrating Marriage series, I'll be posting stories about the ordinary, day-to-day moments that make people love love. First up, a love story from Brandilyn Haynes

hey that pair of crutch-ers!

i'm so excited tori asked me to be part of her series of guests. i love her blog and the way she makes me feel like i'm a part of the beautiful little snippets she shares.

today i get to talk about my favorite thing ever: my marriage.

truth be told, i'm grateful tori didn't ask about our proposal story, or 10,000 pictures of our wedding. david didn't propose to me at a ritzy restaurant, and our wedding wasn't filled with vintage details and mason jars and mustaches on a stick. the beauty of our life together consists of simple, every day moments that have defined us as a couple more than anything else has. 

evenings are our favorite. it started when we were both students and savored the time after homework each night, though as graduates we still enjoy that quiet time when computers are off and we're getting ready for bed. it's our favorite time to tell funny stories about our work days, speculate about what our baby boy (coming in april!) will be like, and discuss strategies for our little clothing boutique we own. sometimes we curl up in bed and watch an episode of the office. reconnecting with my number one is the perfect way to end each day and makes me grateful for the opportunity to wake up next to him each morning.

i've always believed that there is nothing bigger than the little things, so it's a good thing i ended up with a fella like dave. he's not one for grand, expensive gestures. he shows me he loves me by quietly doing the dishes when he knows i've had a frustrating day. he draws silly pictures and leaves them where he knows i'll find them (the most recent was a portrait of derek zoolander's "center for kids who can't read good"). he gives me frequent back rubs. he shows up at my work with a grilled cheese sandwich and root beer.

in short, i guess you could say our wedding day was the first page of our love story, not the final chapter. our relationship is constantly evolving and changing to fit the people we're becoming, which makes me more excited for the coming years together than i ever was for our wedding. 

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  1. They are such a sweet couple and Brandilyn's blog is highly amusing :)


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