A Love Story by Monica Duschletta

As part of the Celebrating Marriage series, I'll be posting stories about the ordinary, day-to-day moments that make people love love. This week's story comes from Monica Duschletta

Out of the little over a year we were together before getting married we were only able to spend about 12 weeks together physically. The rest of the time we spent emailing, skyping and texting one another since Jachen lived in Switzerland and I in Seattle which made being together tricky. We were married this past April and since, we have tried to make up for lost time. Jachen, my husband, and I are pretty inseparable. Besides when he goes to work, there is hardly time when we are not together. We like it that way. We prefer doing everything together and we can hardly even be in opposite rooms or floors of the house for long. We know that someday we will be able to separate a little more and have to, but for now we enjoy being joined at the hip. Jachen and I are both very affectionate people, Jachen even more than myself. Hardly ten minutes passes that Jachen doesn't demand a hug or a kiss and I am grateful for a husband who shows physically his love and feelings. Not only physically, but also verbally showing has been an important part of our relationship. Since I was able to  say 'I love you' back to Jachen, we can't go a day without saying it as many times as we can fit it in. That too I am grateful for. I have never had to wonder how Jachen feels nor have had to question his feelings for me, ever. Communicating that love has always been very important to both of us. We live in Switzerland right now and I have yet to find work in this German speaking area so I stay at home throughout the day and await his arrival home. Luckily, a big luckily for us, we are able to email throughout the day...and we take full advantage of that. Jachen is an Engineer and spends his day on a computer where discussions with me is just a few clicks away. This helps me not only be sane throughout each day home alone, but also keeps us connected throughout the day...like I said...pretty inseparable. We love holding hands, its my favorite. In the car, while watching a movie, eating dinner{sometimes}, on walks, while sleeping, sitting in church...any moment we can. Not only does he have majorly soft hands which I LOVE...don't tell him I told you, but I can't let my husband go. His hand found mine once, and it's there to stay. I love serving my husband. I wake up each work day morning with him, climb out of my warm bed, hobble down the stairs into our kitchen and prepare his lunch and breakfast everyday. I love doing it and I have not missed a day...I told him "the only way I won't is if I am deathly sick, and even then I might." I love being able to eat breakfast, read scriptures with him and then send him off with a prayer before he leaves for work. I want to give him a good start to his day. When Jachen comes home from work, it is a very happy thing in this house. Throughout the evening, which we always spend together, we talk about the happenings of our day, what things are to come and get to know each other better. Which is always a good thing. Jachen is always quick to get something for me that I need, scratch my back, give me a neck or head rub that I love so much and is willing to do whatever I need of him even if he may feel tired and lazy because of his long day at work. We are still pretty new at this being married thing and having my best friend as my partner in it sure helps the figuring it out process.

Each day we spend loving each other, even on the days where an argument may occur. Each day we help each other. Each day we make the other person laugh. Each day we support each other. Each day we show our appreciation for the other and the things the other person does. Each day we snuggle and go to bed every night at the same time together. Each day we resolve a conflict and never end the day angry. Each day we try and make the other person's life easier. Each day we have a lot to learn and figure out. Each day we try to improve. That is how Jachen and I keep our love flowing. 

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