a little vacation.

Jordan and I've been vacationing in rainy Seattle this past week, hence the quietness over here on the blog. It's our last big hoorah before this little girl comes and we're enjoying this relaxing time with family.

While the week has been full of lazy mornings and lots of movie watching, we've got quite a bit done. A crib has been purchased, the baby registry finalized, and 7 baby cloths + 1 baby blanket have been made. And thanks to that blanket, we've finalized the color choices for the nursery (otherwise known as one wall of the one bedroom in the house—ours).

Who would've guessed that burp cloths would be so exciting? We'll be in a bit of trouble if this baby proves the ultrasound tech wrong and turns out to be a boy: all our burp cloths are pink-ish. And because of their girly coloration, Jordan's decided that he'll only use the green and yellow sides when he's tending the baby. Keeping everything gender neutral is harder than it seems.

Tonight will be filled with pizza eating and... more movie watching: a Harry Potter movie night was in order to celebrate the release of the 7th on DVD. Have you seen it yet? We were fans.

What are your plans for the weekend? Oh, and have you checked out the Love, Kelsie Rae giveaway yet? You've got until next week to enter; don't miss out!


  1. I think even a little boy would appreciate those patterns. :)

  2. Haha, agreed. I'm just not sure how my husband would feel about it!


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