pictures from a beautiful, quiet Sunday drive. 

I don't think we fully appreciate certain blessings until we receive others; they build upon and magnify the previous ones.

It took expecting a child to help me understand womanhood. Twenty-one years, marriage, and countless experiences as a woman, and that one little moment brought it all home.

As I understand my role as a woman, I begin to get a better handle on marriage. Understanding my role in the partnership has helped me to see the big picture and the purpose of it all has become more clear. Understanding my role helps me to understand my husband's and has made me love him even more.

Those things, womanhood, motherhood and wifehood complement one another so perfectly. As you grow in one capacity, you grow in the other two as well. As your understanding of one deepens, you gain a greater understanding of all three. They are inseparable.

As I draw closer to becoming a mother, I become more thankful for my opportunity to be a wife; I grow more thankful for the blessings and opportunities that come with womanhood.

Good things like this never take away from one another, they only add.

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