i gave my happiness to you.

He takes such care with me, that husband of mine. His words are uplifting and his compliments kind. He is soft with me:  he runs his fingers through my hair and it puts me to sleep; he kisses me on the forehead when I can't seemed to find a smile.

"I don't think you crashed your bike when you were first learning to ride," he says. We both laugh and I tell him that I don't think he did either. It is a joke, but he has faith in me and I in him; we see the best in one another and do all that we can to accentuate it.

We rely on each other. Whether it's helping each other up stairs (also a joke), or supporting one another through all-nighters due to project deadlines, we're there for one another. We lift one another.

On September 4, 2009, I gave my heart to a boy with glasses and a cute laugh. I didn't give a piece or portion; I gave the whole. Because my heart was always his, I just had to let go of it.


You are wonderful.