counting backwards.

I've been doing a lot of counting lately.  Yesterday was one more day of no sweets; today is thirteen more days of Arizona.  After thirteen days, there will be seven more days until Idaho.

Her countdown just ended; she's finally made it home.  Twenty more days, and we will be back home, too.

We will be able to eat from our green plates and we won't be confined to a single room of a house.  We will no longer have to walk down that long driveway to fetch the mail; our mailbox will be in our living room.  We will sleep on our own mattress again.

We have loved Arizona, but Idaho is calling.

If you haven't checked out Carolynn Cecilia's blog yet, you really should.  You can thank me later.


  1. well, can i thank you now?

    thank you! just added that blog to my reader.

  2. you are really cute. when we move back to idaho, can we play sometime?

  3. a. today lauren and i were saying how you are a great writer and how allll of your posts are always great ones.
    b. love your new header.
    c. cute PICTURE?!
    d. fun! you're almost home! so will be home when i'm home before germany? i'm home the end of april for like 10 days...til may first!!

  4. wow, what an adorable couple you are! and you live in idaho, which makes you about 100% more awesome in my mind.

    my hubby and i live in boise, it's the bees knees.

  5. monica: isn't her blog wonderful? i'm glad you liked it.

    kate: yes, please. let's be friends.

    kait: no, we won't be home then, but can we please play when we come to utah in a few days? ok, good. thanks.

    and thank you, alison. boise is a wonderful place.


You are wonderful.