I am at home wherever I find myself

Each place I've lived holds a small piece of home.  I long for them and can feel their pull.

I lived in Fruitland from age four to eighteen.

During those fourteen years, I learned that not every girl grows up to be a ballerina and, despite what I once thought, I would grow up to do bigger things than be on the high school yearbook staff.

It was there that I lost my first tooth, learned to ride a bicycle, and experienced my first heartbreak.  I found faith in that town; I began to find myself in that town.  

Florida was the one place that I was ever truly on my own.

In the solitude, I became more acquainted with myself.  I grew out of necessity.  I saw magic and cleaned Cinderella's castle.  I learned that it was ok to change my mind.

I lived in an apartment by myself, spent mornings by the pool, and learned that happily ever after wasn't just a phrase found at the close of fairy tales.  I found love in that town; I grew into myself.

I feel safe in Rexburg.

It was there that I sat on a bench next to a boy while we discussed our plans for forever.  We made our first home there; we became one there.

That town taught me a little bit about strength.

As of last week, we have lived in Snowflake for a month.

Here, I have learned how to appreciate beauty.  My eyes have become accustomed to the red tint of the landscape.  The relationship between sunshine and happiness has been reaffirmed.

I have learned that grapefruit tastes better without sugar and words are better left unembellished.

Each place I have lived holds a piece of me, a piece I would not have found elsewhere.


  1. i like this.
    its so true, and its great to recognize those things you have experienced and learned in each place you go. i think some people go throughout live really realizing what they have learned and how its changed them.

  2. When you sit down and think about it, you can't help but be grateful. Change is a wonderful thing.


You are wonderful.