lessons on love.

I will be a mother someday. I will have a daughter. She will share my high cheekbones and have her father's eyes. We will raise her to cherish the classics and to love grapefruit.

One day, she will come to me with questions. She will ask how I met her father.
Did you know then that you would marry him? she will say. She will ask when I first knew that I loved him. She will ask if I ever loved before that moment.

When this day comes, I will take her in my arms and she will feel my love. I will tell her of that afternoon in Florida when I stood in line in front of a boy with glasses. I will tell her that I gave my whole heart to the man she calls dad and never looked back.

We will talk about love and we will talk about heartache. I will tell her that the heartaches in my life stretched my heart enough to hold the love I had for her father. I will tell her how grateful I am for those moments;
I have no regrets, I will say.

I will show my daughter that love is real and that it lasts.


  1. wow tori seriously. good words. i love you.
    and seriously your blog is seriously great we forgot to teach me how to make mine cool like this. LOVE IT.

  2. this is beautiful.

    (do you live in snowflake?!)

  3. Thank you, guys!

    And Kate:
    Yes, we do live in Snowflake! Are you one of the few who actually knows where this small Arizona town is?

    We are actually just here for a short while. We are on break from school at BYU-I and my husband is doing an internship here. It is a beautiful little community full of wonderful people! We love it.


You are wonderful.