We have a little bit of Christmas in our brick house on Center Street.  Stockings hang from the wall and garland adorns the fireplace; there are are ornaments on our key tree.  I can see Christmas in our home.

I can feel it too.  It's in the small thank you's and the big hugs.  It's in the cookies that members of our ward gave us.  It's in the washed dishes and the made beds.  It's in the big things and the small things; our home is filled with it.

I can feel Christmas in our home because I can feel Christ in our home.  I can feel His love and I can see His blessings.  I know He lives and I know He is watching over our little family; I can feel it.


  1. TORI! I did it... I officially have a blog! when do you move to Arizona?!

  2. That makes me so happy! We are moving to Arizona this Friday :) How much longer are you in Arizona for? Are you excited to come back to cold little Rexburg?


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