the tree across the street from my house will soon be bare. its leaves are falling at a steady pace; they drift onto the black asphalt and are carried down the road by passing cars. the whole street is experiencing their charm.

the husband is on campus. within the past two days, his laptop has completely failed him. the charger was the first to go, and the actual computer quickly followed suit. his red gateway is now being fixed by the nice men at the computer help desk.

i rode his bike, emmit, the short distance from the university to our brick home. it's a nice fall day and the chilled air felt good on my uncovered arms; i can't remember the last time i wore a short sleeve shirt outside. emmit and i's relationship is blooming as the tree across the street grows dormant.

there are only a few more weeks of this beauty. soon the trees will have completely shed their covering and the snow will begin to fall. it will cover the browning grass and shelter the tree branches. it will bring with it a different beauty.

i will walk to my classes bundled in layers of fabric. i will use my white scarf to cover my red nose. i will not neglect the beauty that is around me; i will soak it in and allow it to fill my heart with gratitude. the husband and i will buy a small christmas tree and decorate it how we please. we will hang stockings on our fireplace and listen to carols sung by frank sinatra.

then i will move to arizona. {cross your fingers}

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