"the highest challenge we have in mortality is to use our free ageny well, making right choices in the interplay of time and talents. time is one of the blessings we are given. generally speaking, it is we who let ourselves get fragmented too much. it is the result of not establishing [and then persisting in] certain priorities in our life. i am not denying the reality of the challenge put before you, but neither do i think it is unmanageable."

"does all this mean that in letting go of the world, it will be easy to set priorities? no! it is often harder, for now we choose, not between task A, which is a tainted task, and B, which is good; but now we must allot time and talent between C, which is important and good, and D, which is important and good."

"just as the Lord was able to summarize His priorities so succinctly that his 'work and... glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man' [Moses 1:39], so we, too, will need to be able to manage our time and talents in such a way that we, too, know our real priorities and focus on them. when we are settled in our hearts on that which really matters, then our talent and time as well as our treasure will be thus deployed."

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