rexburg, you're swell.

thank you for being the home of craigo's.  and craigo's... thank you for your amazing dessert pizza and fabulous potato pizza and your fantastic pasta.  thank you for being better than cici's.  thank you for the great tshirts that you make your employees wear.  oh and thanks for your little 2 for $10 deal the other night.

thank you for being so sunny and nice these past few days.  thank you for taking the wind down a notch and making it bearable to be outside.  thank you for the slight tan that i now have.  if you could keep it up so that i could get a real solid tan i would love you forever and always.

thank you for having nice, honest residents.  thank you good people of the ridge for not stealing my laundry detergent, even after it was left in the laundry room unattended for over a week.  thank you the ridge for the free laundry.  i appreciate it.

thank you for porter park.  thank you for giving us college kids such a great place to enjoy the sun.  and have picnics.  and play tennis.  and swing.  and go slacklining.  slacklining is amazing ps.

thank you for your wonderful temple.  it's simply beautiful and i am so happy that i live so close to it and get to see it everyday.

thanks a heap to the many food joints of the burg.  thank you pita pit.  thanks for helping me realize that i like cucumbers.  thank you cocoa bean.  thank you for your splendid cupcake creations.  thank you for your delicious irish cream carmanilla.  thank you for encouraging my sweet tooth.  thank you dairy queen.  best cookie dough blizzards ever right here in rexburg.  thank you to the snow shack for having whipped cream on top of your snowcones.  new fongs... thanks for being so frickin' good.  thank you for the mouthwatering orange chicken.  and the super yummy fried rice.  thank you applebees for teaching me that spinach and artichoke dip can and does taste good warm.  subzero... you are just my favorite.  thanks for making my mouth water.

thank you idaho for your beautiful sunsets.  and sunrises.  i wish i were up early enough to see a few more of those.

thank you for being a great little city for walks.

thank you for having some pretty fricking sweet places to take pictures.

thank you for having staduim singing every week.  and music outlet.

oh and for having cool campgrounds close by.  and yellowstone.  thanks for making it easy to enjoy the outdoors.

all in all, i'm a fan of you.  i may not show it all the time, but it's true.  don't even worry about it.


  1. oh boy i don't even know what half of those things ARE!
    looks like i need to come visit you...too bad.

  2. yes you do have to come visit.
    and soon. end of story.

  3. are you kidding me steph?
    that was completely uncalled for.


You are wonderful.